My name is Jodi Bortz, and I’m a flute teacher and performer. I’ve been doing that for a lot of years, and I love sharing my love of music with young and old. I’ve taught from my home, in private schools, and was an artist lecturer at a college, done clinics, and ran a flute camp. I’ve performed with chamber groups, flute choirs, big bands, and orchestras. I’ve run into two pretty consistent problems with playing flute, and I decided to take them on. That’s how Flute Hoot was born, to solve flute problems!

Problem #1 – Quickly Swabbing Out the Flute

Who hasn’t had this happen…. You’re in the middle of a concert, you can hear the moisture in your keys but you don’t have time to disassemble and swab it out before your next entrance. Besides that, you’re perfectly tuned to the group. If you take it apart, you’ll have to realign and tune all over again.

Problem #2 – Safely Swabbing Out the Flute

Or if you’re a teacher… A student comes in complaining they just can’t get in tune with the orchestra at school. You check the cork and it’s way way out. You fix it and give them a gentle warning to be more careful. Then they get out the metal or wood cleaning rod that came with it and ram it through the flute, displacing the cork all over again. You know it’s just a few “cleanings” away from needing professional repair work.

That’s why the Flute Hoot Floozi cleaner was created. It fits through the entire length of the flute, and it is padded and covered in soft fabric from the top to the knob on the end. Even the point is padded so you can swab all the way to the cork without damaging or scratching the inside. And it’s flexible so it’s easy to carry, and it’s easy for kids to use it, but it’s also a life-saver for pros. It is currently under US patent and can only be purchased from Flute Hoot.