Welcome to Flute Hoot, home of the Flute Hoot Floozi Cleaner for flutes and piccolos.

The Floozi is a patented device to swab moisture from your flute or piccolo, created by a professional flutist and teacher for other pros and for students. There’s nothing like it currently available! It’s revolutionary design hits all the important points for flute care:

ConvenientIt can swab the entire length of your assembled instrument in seconds. It comes to you fully assembled Because it’s flexible, you can coil it up to store in a gig bag. And it’s washable.
Easy to use – Just extend the Floozi to full length and insert it into the open end of your flute or piccolo and slide it through until you reach the cork. Give it a twist and pull it out. It’s that easy.
Gentle – It is encased in soft, absorbent fabric from top to bottom so no hard surfaces ever touch your flute.

Use it during a performance for a quick swab between passages without having to retune. Use it during long rehearsals to keep your keys from getting sticky, or during lessons to encourage students to keep their instruments clean. The Flute Hoot Floozi is only available from Flute Hoot or authorized dealers*.  Get yours today and see how much easier it can be to take better care of your flute.

“Works great – actually better than the flag I paid $50 for. The fabric is really absorbent.”


Flute Hoot Floozi customer review


Starting on 7/22/19 Flute Hoot is moving to flutehoot.com. To ensure prompt service, please place orders through the new website. And thank you for shopping at Flute Hoot!

*Flute Hoot’s Floozi cleaner is protected by US Patent  No. 9,165,540. It cannot be copied or produced by any other entity. 

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